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Step by Step - What's needed?

What Coda expects to move from each step to the next

What are the criteria to move to the next stage on publishing your game?

Approved by Coda The game or prototype submitted has been approved by Codas Gaming Team
Marketability Tests Your games creative video assets are being used to understand the initial user engagement of your games concept. Campaigns have started.
Build Your Game Your game or prototype’s IPM (Install per 1k impressions) is higher than 25 and eCPI is lower than $0.20
Retention Tests 1. Your game is live in the store with 10 mins+ gameplay see here for the specifics on what to focus on building your first playable version
2. Campaigns have started to acquire users to understand the retention of the game. 1k users per day for 3 days
Platform IntegrationD1 Retention is above 38% and the campaigns have been completed.
Monetisation Tests Coda SDK and its components, all necessary remote configuration and event tracking have been integrated.
Soft LaunchPredicted LTV of your game point to a strong ROAS positive launch. Following metrics are considered on prediction:
eCPI, ARPDAU, D1-D7 Retention Rates, Impression/DAU, eCPM
Launch All seems to be well and healthy - Top 5% ARPU & eCPI metrics show probable scaled launch.

Some useful information Below:

  • During the process from retention to monetisation we will start creative optimisations to try and find more videos with high IPMs and low CPLs, so if and when we get to soft launch, we are armed with more than 1 creative.
  • As you are integrating to Coda Platform, our team will give as much support as possible both for the integration and improving your game's retention and engagement metrics.
  • Making your game successful is continuous work - after retention are passed our team will work with you on a daily basis with retention, monetisation and engagement improvement

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Step by Step - What's needed?

What Coda expects to move from each step to the next

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