Notification Module

Coda SDK Notification Module is responsible of scheduling offline notifications automatically.

Below parameters can be modified through Firebase Remote Config.

  • notificationActive - bool
  • localTimeNotificationsActive - bool
  • retentionNotification_delay - int (hour, used for non-local time based notifications)
  • retentionNotification1_content - string
  • retentionNotification2_content - string
  • retentionNotification3_content - string
  • retentionNotification4_content - string
  • localNotificationTime - string
  • localNotificationToleranceTime string

You can also see parameter names in "ABTestingSettingsInstaller".


How To Enable Notifications : Go to Firebase Remote Config dashboard and add "notificationActive" as parameter key and "true" for value.

Notification system uses the local time based feature as default and default scheduling time is 6 pm with 1 hour tolerance time. Tolerance time decides whether to schedule it for the current day or for the next day. If the user left the app between lets say 5 pm to 6 pm, since the tolerance is 1 hour we will schedule it for the next day.

If you would like to change notification system from local time based to delayed notifications, you can set localTimeNotificationsActive to false and notifications will be hourly delayed whenever the user kills or backgrounds the app. 24 hour delay is default value for that.

If you would like to change delivery time and notification contents, add exact names showed above to Firebase Remote Config dashboard, change their values.

How To Change Notification Icon

If you would like to change default icon for notification, follow below, if you leave it as it is and notifications automatically pick app's icon as default small icon. Default large icon does not exist unless you place it.


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