SDK Module: Attribution

Coda SDK Attribution Module is responsible for tracking attribution events. Currently, we are tracking attribution with Adjust SDK. There is no action needed for attribution to work.


Attribution Settings Are Automatically Fetched !

Attribution settings are going to be fetched automatically so you should not manually change the settings as described below unless for testing purposes. The changes that you do manually will be overwritten once you create or refresh the app link in developer settings.

** Manually changing Attribution Settings


Save Changes: Click this button after you finished editing to make the changes persistent.

App Token, App Secret ID and App Secret Info 1/2/3/4 are all app specific IDs that are used for both iOS and Android platforms.

Event Buffering, Send In Background and Launch Deferred Deeplink are all CodaSDK defaults and they are required to be in this state.

Log Level: Decides the logging level for the Adjust library. For debugging purposes this could be left in Info, for release versions, this should be set to Error or below.



Environment: This settings should be set to Production before a release build is submitted. You can leave it in Sandbox while you are in development testing.

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