Remote Advertising Configuration Basics

There is a set of Remote configurations that are affecting the way the advertisement module is working. For more information please check the SDK Module: A/B Testing Page.





Interstitial ads are shown after each level on certain conditions.

First interstitial of a session can be shown after certain seconds.

First ever interstitial can be shown certain seconds after the first time playing.

First interstitial can also be shown after reaching a certain level.

Next interstitials after seeing one interstitial can be avoided for certain seconds.

Interstitials can be skipped when level ends below a certain progression:

Interstitials can be skipped after rewarded video engagement skipAfterRewarded

Maximum number of interstitials can be limited for a session or for a day.

Interstitials are shown after completed/failed levels Interstitials are skippable after 5 seconds Interstitials end up with an end card

Interstitial settings can be managed on Coda Platform Firebase settings overwrite the settings on Coda Platform

Standard Banner

Banner refresh time is set to 30 seconds on Mopub. It can be edited in ad unit settings.

Banners are shown at the bottom of the screen Standard banner size is 320 x 50 mm

Rewarded Video

Rewarded videos can be watched:

  • After levels to multiply coins xxx times
  • After levels to revive
  • As a booster
  • To skip levels
  • In a chest or gift box system

Rewarded videos are shown within the game economy or to gain an advantage such as replay or any support in level progression rewarded videos length varies from 15 sec to 40 sec After the rewarded video a skippable end card is shown

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