Market Testing


We have a new ‘Market Testing’ page.

This page has taken over the early stages of the previous pipeline - managed on the ‘My Games’ page - specifically, all marketability tests.

This whole section of our pipeline can now be found under Market Testing.

Make a new Submission


Click on the ‘Make a New Submission’ button to create either a game idea submission or draft.

To make a new submission, all we need is a name. Although, we recommend you upload at least 1-2 gameplay videos.
If you are a Coda partner studio, please speak to your publishing manager to find the best working solution.


Click the ‘Submit for Review’ button once you are happy with your submission and want it reviewed.
Your submission will be brought to the attention of our publishing team and its status will be updated to ‘In-Review’.


Alternatively, you may have a game idea but do not have the assets for it just yet. In which case, you can save your submission as a draft and come back to it at a later stage.
Our publishing team will not take drafts into account for review. These are just for you.


Once you have submitted your submission, a card will be created on the Market Testing page.
The status of the submission will be ‘In-Review’.
One of our publishing managers will review your submission and decide whether to test the game idea.


Submission Cards

Each submission has its own card on the Market Testing page. You may view and add further assets to your submission at any time.
Simply click on the one of the asset icons to do so.


This will open the Asset Manager where you can add or remove an icon, screenshots, videos or builds to your submission.


Submission Status

There are seven statuses in the Market Testing pipeline.

  • Drafts are your own private submissions that you are not ready for us to review yet. If you don't have any videos or prototype builds for your submission just yet, you can save your submission as a draft.
  • In-Review means we are currently reviewing your submission. You'll receive a notification via email once we make a decision.
    Preparing: If our publishing team believes that your submission has potential, we will prepare a marketing campaign to test the game idea.

If you are a Coda Partner studio, your Concept Store submissions will also go through Market Testing. Please note: if you claimed a concept before 21/06/21, the submission will follow the old procedure via the My Games page. If you have any questions about this, reach out to your publishing manager

  • In-Progress: The marketing campaign for your submission is in progress at this stage.
    Multiple tests may be run on various networks. You may also add more assets to the submission under this status.
  • Failed: If your submission does not meet our marketability test benchmarks, we might not move forward with your submission. If that's the case the card will remain in Market Testing for your reference.
  • Passed: If your submission meets our benchmarks, it will be moved to the publishing pipeline on the My Games page. Your publishing manager will be in touch to explain next steps.
    You will be able to refer to the submission on the Creative Testing page, however, it will be read-only.
    All further actions will take place on the My Games page.
  • Rejected means we think your submission is not a good fit for Coda and we won't be running any market tests for it. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Search & Filter


You can search for your submission by name.
You may also filter your results by submission status, by hiding failed and rejected submissions, and concept submissions (if you are a Coda Partner).

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