Market Intelligence

How to use Coda's store discovery tool for coming up with new game ideas

Market Intelligence is Coda developers' way of staying up-to-date with what's going on. We track the market in ways that will benefit game developers so that only the relevant information is there for you.

There are 5 sections on the Market Intelligence.


On this section you can see what's in the works in the market. Through Coda's market tracking technology, you can always keep up-to-speed about the upcoming trends and new games that are coming up.


New Releases

The games that have just been launched by the game studios and publishers in the market can be found here. We show the games that have launched in the last 30 days.


No Install Data For The New Releases

When games are recently launched, we cannot quite get the information about their install numbers from our partners. This is why, especially in the soft launch (where the install numbers are quite low) stage, it is normal that there aren't any installs available market intelligence.


Top Charts

Who are the winners? This chart samples the best performing games by their total install estimates. To give the clarity needed to our developers, the numbers are for US iOS only, which is currently the industry standard.


Trending Mechanics

We have trained our machine learning algorithms for months and with hundreds of games, so that we can predict the game specific data points for the entirety of the market. This section is a view from the perspective of game mechanics, where you can also see all the top games within those.


Secondary mechanics are also available within the row of the main mechanic.



You can slice and dice

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