Set Up Coda SDK

Setup Scene

Coda SDK needs to add a few GameObjects to your main (initial/loading/starting) scene. To setup your scene, make sure the desired scene is open in the editor, and then go select "Coda SDK -> Setup Scene" in the menu bar.


You will see three new prefabs added to the scene named, "CodaGameManager", "EmptySceneContext", "ContextSelector" and "Adjust".


Setup Scene

It is recommended to click Setup Scene upon each coda sdk update.

Developer Settings Fetching

Coda Platform provides you with a Developer API key. To find your API key, please click here, remember this link requires that you are signed up with the platform and approved. After you enter your Developer API Key into the fields under "Coda SDK -> Settings", press login button.


Once you enter your API Key, Coda SDK settings will show you your projects available on the platform. Pick one to link to your Unity3D project. This will give Coda SDK the signal that it should go and fetch the required keys&ids for your game from Coda backend.

If you have any missing configurations the Show Log button will display whatever is missing. Please inform Coda Team if you have any missing configurations or if you need to change anything under Advanced Settings.


Wait for Consent Response

In order to prevent the overlapping of the consent popup and your game scene, please wait for consent manager initialisation before loading your game scene. For this, you can use the code below on splash screen.

public void Start()
        CodaGameManager.Instance.ConsentManager.InitCompleted +=                                                                            OnConsentApplied;

void OnConsentApplied()
    //Start Game Scene

What’s Next

Please continue with integrating game events from the link below

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