How to QA Coda SDK

Testing Coda SDK and the Platform Connection

Event Debugging

In order to use event verification and debugging features, please go to "Coda SDK -> Settings", the Environment should be at Sandbox mode.



Don't Forget Sandbox Mode

Sandbox mode is only for debugging your application. Any version to be released on the store needs to be in the "Live" environment. So do not forget to switch this setting back after event debugging finishes.

In the dashboard at "My Games" section, the "Event Checklist" displays all types of events that can be sent, and once the game is played on a device, built with "Sandbox" mode, the events will be validated as they are received. If implemented events have problems ❌, you can inspect and see the errors.


With "Debug Mode", the 50 latest received events can be seen in detail. In order to see these events in detail on the screen, the game should be built using "Sandbox" mode.


Firebase dSYMs

If you are building an IOS application, in order to see all crashes using Firebase Crashlytics, missing required dSYMs should be uploaded. Click on your project in Firebase Console, under Quality, you will find Crashlytics. On IOS page of your project's Crashlytics, you will find dSYMs and how you upload them.

Check Ads

Once Advertisement Module Integration is completed, you should be able to see the ads while playing your game on device.

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