Is It Possible To Enable/Disable Modules Of Coda SDK ?

Coda SDK contains four modules that are optional. These modules are:

Advertisement Module - This module is responsible for showing Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Advertisements. Also handles advertisement related events.

Analytics Module - This module is responsible for auto/custom tracking of certain game, user interface or advertisement events.

Attribution Module - This module is responsible for tracking attribution events through Adjust.

AB Testing Module - This module is responsible for creating AB Testing experiments using selected 3rd party (Currently Firebase) services. Basically this module loads a remote configuration and then overrides certain parameters of the game and Coda SDK.

Please get in touch with you Coda contact if you need any of these modules disabled.


Adjust Environment Is Set To Sandbox Mode

In Coda SDK Settings, if you have enabled the Adjust Attribution Module from base settings you will see a new section called Adjust Attribution Settings below. Under this section you will find the environment which adjust is set to. You should change this to Production if you want to release the game.


I Keep Getting "Please Fix Your Bundle ID" Popup

This warning happens when the bundle ID you set for your project is not the same with the two firebase files (google-services.json & GoogleService-Info.plist) that Coda has provided you. Bundle ID can be set through Coda SDK Settings editor window. To fix this problem please remove all existing firebase configuration files and add the ones that are provided by Coda. Then you will also have to set your Bundle ID correctly via Coda SDK Settings or via publishings section under player settings in Unity 3D.


I cannot build IOS Application from Xcode after exporting Unity3D project?

Pod dependencies are not loaded: Check if you have opened XCode Project (.xcodeproj) located in your export directory instead of XCode Workspace (.xcworkspace). Correct way to go is opening via XCode Workspace file. By This way XCode can load pod dependencies. If you do not have XCode Workspace file in your export folder this indicates a compilation error on Unity3D side and Unity could not export XCode project properly.

Dependency library versions might have changed: Dependencies are usually defined in the โ€œDependencies.xmlโ€ files inside your Unity project. Sometimes they are defined by a minimum version. When those libraries get updates, your xcode project can get different versions than we have tested from cocoapods. This can cause compilation errors when they are not in sync with the rest of the Unity plugins we included or if something is deprecated. Please try to identify the versions of the 3rd Party SDKs that are loaded by your XCode. Also we would suggest that you contact us and send the โ€œPodfileโ€ file which is in the same directory with your .xcworkspace and .xcodeproj files.

Unity3D did not export the updated versions of your third party: Even when your dependencies are defined properly, because of the cocoapods cache and version you might still have problems exporting the correct versions of the 3rd party libraries. By default, Unity tries to execute pod install but when it fails for the versions that you require, it performs a pod repo update which does not work properly. What you need to do is:

  1. Make sure that pod(cocoapods) is installed in your path.
  2. Open terminal/command line at the XCode export project path.
  3. Run "pod update" command.


When building an APK for Android I am getting an error saying Gradle Build Failed what should I do ?

There might be multiple instances of the same library files within your project. Please check your .aar or .jar files if they are duplicated. This happens when you integrate a 3rd party SDKs that already has dependencies for the same libraries that another 3rd party SDKs is also dependent and already added those libraries to your project.
By Default we have enabled multi dex in your mainTemplate.gradle file. So the error for having more than default count limit of functions is not an issue. If you are having this error, make sure you have not changed mainTemplate.gradle or make sure you are using the mainTemplate.gradle provided by Coda SDK.


Gradle Build failed due to missing .jar / .aar files for firebase. What should I do ?

By Default Coda SDK contains all required .jar/.aar files for Firebase. But Play Services Resolver sometimes fails to find the dependencies so it deletes those library files. If you are using a version control system, you can spot the commit where the Firebase .aar files are deleted.

To avoid this problem do not use play service resolvers resolve dependencies functionality for Android. Coda SDK main template gradle file already contains all dependencies that are necessary for android build. If you have additional dependencies that you have to add specific to your project you can manually add them to mainTemplate.gradle file located under /Assets/Plugins/Android

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