Auto Quality Module

Coda Auto Quality Module adjusts the quality of the game depending on the averaga fps.

Remote Config Parameters

initialQualityLevel : int, default is 2. Meaning medium quality if your quality settings are at the unity's default setting. Auto quality tool will set initial quality of the game to 2(medium) and increase or decrease depending on the average fps.
lowerFPSLimit : int, default is 35. Meaning if device is getting lower than 35 then auto quality module will try to decrease the current quality.
upperFPSLimit : int, default is 55. Meaning id device is getting more than 55 then auto quality module will try to increase the current quality.

These parameters can be modified from firebase remote config.


Works out of box. Make sure you have unity's default quality settings like showned below. From Very Low to Ultra, total of 6 quality levels.


unity's default quality settings

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