Connecting Your Facebook Account to Coda

Connecting your facebook account to Coda platform is really easy. Go to "My Games" and click on "Connect" inside the quick-look item of your game, on the Integrations section.


You can also do this by clicking "Connect" on your game details page.


Follow the instructions below or the dialogue on the platform.

  1. Go to your business settings (
  2. Select Partners > Add

or if you don't work any partners, add a new partner to share assets with:

  1. Select "Give a partner access to your assets"
  1. Add Coda's business ID: 427970844359656 and hit Next
  1. Select the application save changes and we are ready to go!

Facebook icon in My Games view will turn blue once these steps are completed.

What’s Next

If your game doesn't have a Facebook application you can check out the link below

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