Getting Started with Coda SDK

A step-by-step guide for integrating Coda SDK to your Unity3D project

What is Coda SDK

Coda SDK is a compilation of all necessary third party SDKs for Analytics, Advertisement Mediation, Attribution, AB Testing, and Data Optimization. Coda SDK contains several modules that are responsible for handling these operations. Each of these modules consists of 3rd Party SDK adapters and a manager that acts as a facade for the functionality. Coda SDK also provides an auto-configuration fetching tool for all of these 3rd Party SDK configurations so that developers do not have to worry about setting up configurations individually for each 3rd Party SDK.

Coda SDK Includes following 3rd Party SDK integrations:

  • Firebase Analytics & AB Testing
  • Coda Platform Analytics
  • Crashlytics
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Game Analytics,
  • Max Ad Mediation with many supported ad network.
  • Adjust Attribution

For more information about the 3rd party version history please click here

Download the SDK

Coda SDK currently comes in a Unity package file which is an installer for Coda SDK. You can download Coda SDK from Coda Platform Dashboard. Please login to your account and then you will see the link under SDK Integration


Download the SDK

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Change Log

[Version 2.0.1]

What’s Next

Please follow our guidelines to install Coda SDK

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