Coda SDK v1.7

  • MoPub ad request keywords now has default values.

  • Added new automated SignUp event.

  • Improved play time tracking.

  • Added manual refresh implementation for banners.

  • Removed some unused modules.

  • Removed DOTween dependencies.

  • Fixed the null pointer exception caused by Coda.Common.Classes.ML.CollectionEntry.

  • Built-in AB testing configuration is now distributed with package only.

  • Fixed Android AppLovin sdk key issue.

  • Implemented machine learning client-side models to detect hardcore users.

  • Cleared UIWebView API references to enable brand-new game submissions to AppStore.

  • Temporarily disabled InMobi network adapter for UIWebView references.

  • Added Adjust IAP event tokens are to App configurations on Coda Dashboard.

  • Added IAP related events to Integration Events.

  • Added ResumeLevelEvent to Integration Events.

  • Updated Facebook SDK to 7.19.2.

  • Added Additional data points to login and event requests.