Coda SDK v1.5

  • Established Coda Platform connection.
  • Enabled Coda Analytics Platform!
  • Implemented analytics event verification and debugging via Coda Platform dashboard.
  • Enabled Coda consent page instead of MoPub's solution.
  • Separated banner request and show logic.
  • Fixed duplicate banner request issues.
  • Fixed the issue where app configuration fetching frequently failing on Coda SDK Settings.
  • Updated MoPub SDK to 5.11.1 along with its ad network adapters.
  • Switched custom Mintegral adapters with the supported MoPub adapters.
  • Updated GameAnalytics to v6.0.11.
  • Updated Adjust SDK to v4.20.1.
  • Improved MoPub waterfall optimisations with keywords.
  • Enhanced Firebase AB testing experiments with user properties.
  • Removed AdColony, Verizon and Flurry network adapters.
  • Fixed unmuted ads from Chartboost.
  • Various fixes related to crash reports.