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Coda SDK v1.12.2

Posted by Talha Çağatay IŞIK 4 months ago
  • Coda/Adjust CV Models are remote configurable with variant codaConversionModelActive, default is false
  • GetLevelSequence API added
  • InMobi Adapters added and pre init step implemented for Advanced Bidding
  • Unused Facebook Events cleared
  • New prefabs added to GEM
  • FAN network initialised before Mopub
  • AB test setup fix

Coda SDK v1.12.1

Posted by Talha Çağatay IŞIK 5 months ago
  • Conversion Value model implemented
  • MoPub updated to 5.16.4
  • Tapjoy Adapters implemented
  • All existing networks' adapters updated except for AdMob
  • IronSource and Vungle suggested extra init steps implemented
  • Amazon disabled
  • MoPub Impression Callback Background event fixed for Android
  • Vibration Module implemented
  • Firebase, Adjust and GameAnalytics updated
  • Changing Ad Unit with remote config feature added
  • Reporting for Coda related build errors
  • GADApplication Identifier fix
  • Fixed unique level bug
  • GEM Improvements / Fixes

Coda SDK v1.12

Posted by Yigit Guneri 8 months ago
  • [1.12.0] Facebook updated to 9.0.0
  • [1.12.0] Adjust updated to 4.24.1
  • [1.12.0] SKAdNetwork ids are added
  • [1.12.0] Adjust custom events added
  • [1.12.0] ATT implemented instead of Coda Consent for iOS 14.5+
  • [1.12.0] Mopub Supported adnetworks updated
  • [1.12.0] Mintegral Custom Adapters updated
  • [1.12.0] Fyber Custom Adapters updated
  • [1.12.0] SDK package size optimisations
  • [1.12.0] Mopub's OnImpressionTrackedEventBg event is implemented instead of OnImpressionTrackedEvent

Coda SDK v1.11

Posted by Talha Çağatay IŞIK 9 months ago
  • [1.11.0] Game Economics Module updated with shop system.
  • [1.11.0] Updated Game Economics Module API for easier usage.
  • [1.11.0] Updated Facebook Unity SDK to 8.1.1.
  • [1.11.0] Updated Firebase Unity SDK to 7.0.2.
  • [1.11.0] Updated MoPub SDK to 5.15.0.
  • [1.11.0] Updated all MoPub supported ad network adapters.
  • [1.11.0] Added Mintegral Custom Ad Network adapters.
  • [1.11.0] Fixed issues with Amazon SDK initialization.
  • [1.11.0] Added Adjust.setURLStrategy() API call.

Coda SDK v1.10

Posted by Alper Keskin 11 months ago
  • [1.10.1] Added Amazon APS adapters for MoPub.

  • [1.10.1] Implemented Adjust Opt-in A/B test structure.

  • [1.10.1] Updated Firebase Unity SDK to 6.16.1.

  • [1.10.1] Updated Pangle MoPub adapters.

  • [1.10.1] Updated UnityAds MoPub adapters.

  • [1.10.0] Updated Adjust Unity SDK to 4.23.

  • [1.10.0] Updated all supported and custom ad network adapters.

  • [1.10.0] Initial Game Economics Module implemented.
    - It has an internal currency ready for use.
    - Built-in Level Complete/Fail/Revive screens with rewarded placements are ready.
    - They are all ready to use as drag & drop elements.

  • [1.10.0] Major refactoring on initialization process.
    - Each individual module has its own initialization events/checks.
    - The monolithic SDK start event is now deprecated. Modules can be used whenever they are ready, instead of waiting for whole modules to initialize.

  • [1.10.0] MoPub ad requests now receive a new keyword for the presence of idfa.

  • [1.10.0] A new event is sent when a notification is set.

Coda SDK v1.9

Posted by Alper Keskin about a year ago
  • [1.9.2] Updated MoPub to 5.14.1 to be compatible with iOS 14 changes.

  • [1.9.2] Removed Mintegral SDK and its custom network adapters.

  • [1.9.2] Ad request events now include used keywords as a parameter.

  • [1.9.2] Ad module now uses the right values when a remote variant is activated with an event.

  • [1.9.2] Facebook Standard events implemented.

  • [1.9.2] Coda user id is set as the custom id to GameAnalytics events and Crashlytics reports.

  • [1.9.2] Minimum level requirement ad rule is updated to count uniquely completed levels.

  • [1.9.2] New event "Notification_Scheduled" is added.

  • [1.9.2] Notifications can now be scheduled according to users' local time.

  • [1.9.2] Remote variant values are now sent as an event after they are fetched.

  • [1.9.1] Consent dialog changed to better suit upcoming iOS 14 changes.

  • [1.9.1] SKAdNetwork Ids for all used ad networks are added to the iOS build.

  • [1.9.1] Updated all MoPub supported ad network adapters.

  • [1.9.1] Mintegral custom network adapters integrated for iOS.

  • [1.9.1] Ability to show interstitial ads in place of rewarded videos when necessary is now A/B testable.

  • [1.9.1] Fixed an SDK installation error affecting new projects.

  • [1.9.1] Fixed the issue that caused custom remote variants being deleted upon SDK upgrade.

  • [1.9.1] Fixed Adjust IAP token fetching problem for iOS platform.

  • [1.9.1] Disabled legacy components that prevented binary uploads to AppStore.

  • [1.9.0] Unity3D 2019.4 LTS is now supported.

  • [1.9.0] Updated MoPub to version 5.13.1

  • [1.9.0] Updated all network adapters to be compatible with the new MoPub version.

  • [1.9.0] Switched custom Pangle adapters with MoPub supported ones.

  • [1.9.0] Removed Tapjoy and InMobi adapters.

  • [1.9.0] Vungle advanced bidding is now supported.

  • [1.9.0] Updated Facebook SDK to version 7.21.2

  • [1.9.0] Updated GameAnalytics SDK to version 6.3.0

  • [1.9.0] Updated Firebase SDK to version 6.15.2

  • [1.9.0] Updated Adjust SDK to version 4.22.1

  • [1.9.0] Added AB testing capability for forced consent dialog on non-GDPR areas.

  • [1.9.0] Fixed Notification module bugs.

Coda SDK v1.8

Posted by Alper Keskin about a year ago
  • [1.8.1] Improved Coda event system to be more robust.

  • [1.8.1] ShowInterstitialAd API now gets context to apply different rules.

    • Following callback delegates now have the extra context parameters. Any game specific code listening to these need to be updated to avoid compilation issues.
      • public delegate void OnInterstitialAdTriggered(string context, string adUnitID);
      • public delegate void OnInterstitialAdRejected(string context, string adUnitID, string reason);
      • public delegate void OnInterstitialAdImpression(string context, string adNetwork, string placementId, double revenue, string adUnitID, int priority);
      • public delegate void OnInterstitialAdClicked(string context, string adUnitID);
      • public delegate void OnInterstitialAdDismissed(string context, string adUnitID);
      • public delegate void OnInterstitialAdFinished(string context, string adUnitID);
  • [1.8.1] Fixed unmuted Mintegral ads.

  • [1.8.1] Added precautions to prevent native IDFA API getting stripped on iOS

  • [1.8.0] Local Notifications Module introduced to enable AB testing for scheduling offline notifications.

  • [1.8.0] Custom additional parameters on integration events are now sent to Firebase and Coda analytics services.

  • [1.8.0] Tweaks are made to Client Model Features.

  • [1.8.0] Added session count as a parameter to the existing session events.

  • [1.8.0] Added an ad request timeout event for MoPub ad requests that take a long time.

  • [1.8.0] Three new user models are added to the existing ML Module.

  • [1.8.0] Added new keywords on add requests to use Click Through Rate.

  • [1.8.0] A new interstitial rule added to run AB tests on delays ads after a level fail.

  • [1.8.0] Reported game session ids are adjusted to be unique.

  • [1.8.0] Ad_Interstitial_Reject event added to report incidents where SDK blocks an interstitial attempt according to the built-in rules.


Coda SDK v1.7

Posted by Güven Soydan about a year ago
  • MoPub ad request keywords now has default values.

  • Added new automated SignUp event.

  • Improved play time tracking.

  • Added manual refresh implementation for banners.

  • Removed some unused modules.

  • Removed DOTween dependencies.

  • Fixed the null pointer exception caused by Coda.Common.Classes.ML.CollectionEntry.

  • Built-in AB testing configuration is now distributed with package only.

  • Fixed Android AppLovin sdk key issue.

  • Implemented machine learning client-side models to detect hardcore users.

  • Cleared UIWebView API references to enable brand-new game submissions to AppStore.

  • Temporarily disabled InMobi network adapter for UIWebView references.

  • Added Adjust IAP event tokens are to App configurations on Coda Dashboard.

  • Added IAP related events to Integration Events.

  • Added ResumeLevelEvent to Integration Events.

  • Updated Facebook SDK to 7.19.2.

  • Added Additional data points to login and event requests.

Coda SDK v1.6

Posted by Güven Soydan about a year ago
  • Machine Learning Module - Storing user stats for Machine Learning Models
  • Mopub Default Ad Network Adapters Updated.
  • Mopub Custom Ad Network Adapter Chartboost updated.
  • New Mopub Custom Ad Network Adapter Pangle/Tiktok adapter.
  • Fixed a bug in re-authentication to Coda Platform SDK.
  • New Integration Event to notify Coda SDK to track the level progression
  • New Integration Event to notify Coda SDK that a player skipped a level by watching a rewarded ad
  • New Integration Event to notify Coda SDK that a player continued a level by watching a rewarded ad.
  • Firebase SDK Updated
  • Fixed a bug where Coda SDK sends duplicate events to Analytics Platform on certain edge cases.
  • Fixed a bug where user ID was changing when sending an analytics event to the Coda Platform.
  • Fixed a bug where a login attempt might fail due to uninitialized fields in the request object.
  • Fixed a bug where consent warning message was staying on top of the Game Content.
  • Mopub Consent Flow change which introduced an early collection of the consent before Mopub initialization has been reverted back to the old approach.
  • New Documentation Released

Coda SDK v1.5

Posted by Güven Soydan about a year ago
  • Established Coda Platform connection.
  • Enabled Coda Analytics Platform!
  • Implemented analytics event verification and debugging via Coda Platform dashboard.
  • Enabled Coda consent page instead of MoPub's solution.
  • Separated banner request and show logic.
  • Fixed duplicate banner request issues.
  • Fixed the issue where app configuration fetching frequently failing on Coda SDK Settings.
  • Updated MoPub SDK to 5.11.1 along with its ad network adapters.
  • Switched custom Mintegral adapters with the supported MoPub adapters.
  • Updated GameAnalytics to v6.0.11.
  • Updated Adjust SDK to v4.20.1.
  • Improved MoPub waterfall optimisations with keywords.
  • Enhanced Firebase AB testing experiments with user properties.
  • Removed AdColony, Verizon and Flurry network adapters.
  • Fixed unmuted ads from Chartboost.
  • Various fixes related to crash reports.